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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I listen? Can I listen for free?

To listen, simply click on Listen Now in the mnu at the top of any page. You will be taken to the station page on the Live365 site and the station will begin playing. From the Live365 site, you can be configure various settings, including what streaming player you want to use.

There is no cost to you, and you will not need to enter a credit card number to listen.

Do I have to register?

The first few times you listen, you will not need to register. After that, Live365 will ask you to register. This is free and Live365 has an effective privacy policy.

Live365 provides Contemporary Classical with services to handle streaming and licensing. In order to provide these services at a reasonable price, Live365 asks listeners to follow this registration process. Note that a single registration applies to Contemporary Classical, Harmonices Mundi, and all other Live365 stations.

What are the advantages of Preferred (VIP) Membership?

Because internet radio stations pay royalties on a per listener basis, there is a limit on the number of listeners who can tune in simultaneously. After that listeners are told that the station is full.

Preferred members (VIPs) are exempted from the limitation. They never have to hear the 'station full' message. VIPs also get to skip the ads when connecting to the broadcast.

Further, signing up as a VIP helps support the station in two ways:

  • If you sign up through this site or through the Contemporary Classical station page, the station receives a 'finder's fee' (which we use to buy more music for the station!).
  • When VIPs listen to the station, Live365 subsidizes the cost of broadcasting the station. As a VIP, the more you listen, the more we are subsidized.

Note that a single VIP membership applies to Contemporary Classical, Harmonices Mundi, and all other Live365 stations.

I'm concerned about illegal file sharing. Is this station legal?

Absolutely. Through Live365, we are licensed and pay royalties to both songwriters/composers and performers.

What kind of music will I hear on the station?

Classical music written from 1900 up to the present day. Very occasionally, you'll here a work from the end of the 19th century written by a composer who casts a long shadow over the 20th, such as Ives or Scriabin. Beyond that, anything goes.

Is music from the early part of the 20th century really 'contemporary'?

Well, no, not really. And it isn't really modern anymore either. (Although historians sometimes define 'modern' in terms of Gutenburg.) But Classical-since-1900-Internet-Radio doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

The important thing is, we think that this approach makes for an interesting and enjoyable listening experience. We hope you agree.

What if I have trouble listening?

If you have difficulty with the station stream, or are unable to tune in; or if you have questions about registration or Preferred Membership, the best place to start is with Live365 Help, where you will find a Knowledge Base, a Listener's Forum, and a way to contact the Live365 Support Team.

For questions about or issues with the website, requests, or the music we play, contact us.

How do I request a piece of music?

Take a look at our list of featured works, or browse our catalog of composers and works.. Most works will have a link you can click to request it. Then be sure to listen!

Because of copyright rules as they apply to internet radio, there will be a minimum of one hour delay before the requested work is played. Also, because of the popularity of the request system, we sometimes get backed up and can't accept more requests. If this happens, try again another time!

How can I support the station?

I'm glad you asked. The best way to support the station is to sign up for Live365 VIP membership through this site. See above for the benefits and how it helps the station.

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